GCUC ICT Career Session with Mr Tolulope Adetula

GCUC Applied Sciences Faculty had the pleasure of hosting Mr Tolulope Abel Adetula to a session where he taught students about "Engineering Career Models within Product-Led Tech Companies”.

Tolulope Adetula, an alumnus of the institution and the Best graduating Computer Science student (2012) introduced the students to the various career options available to them in a product-led industry, and ways by which they can achieve them. Tolulope, who after graduating has gone on to work on projects solving problems for top companies like Google, Stripe, and Dropbox, shared his experience on how he got to work on these projects, his learnings, and how best the students can maximise their time and resources to achieve similar or more outstanding results.

The session also had Mr Issifu Kanzoni who shared with the students the power of internships, and how students can leverage internships to get a jumpstart on their careers. Internships are a critical component in a GCUC graduate's lifecycle. The school encourages students to take on internship positions during their second and third years to give them a great understanding of how their learnings can be applied in real-life scenarios or environments.


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