Rules and Regulations

  • The Library is open for the purpose of study and research to current members of the University College and other groups and individuals according to the Library's admissions policy.
  • All users must possess a current Library/GCUC Student Identification card and show it on request to Library staff and Security.
  •  Library users are responsible for the use of their Library/GCUC Student Identification card and should not allow others to use it.
  • Users who allow entry by unauthorized people will be subject to disciplinary procedures.
  • Children under 12 are not allowed in the Library.

Conduct within the Library

  • Noise, disturbance or inappropriate behavior is prohibited, including abusive or threatening behavior to Library staff and other Library users.
  • As space is at a premium, users should not bring in large numbers of bags as these can make it difficult for other users to access study spaces.
  • No food is permitted in the Library building, apart from in the areas outside of the Library.
  • Soft drinks and hot drinks may be consumed in the Library as long as they are in non-spill containers, cartons, cans or bottles. 
  • Anyone found to be eating in the Library will be warned and subsequently band from using the library.
  • Alcohol cannot be consumed anywhere in the Library building.
  • Smoking (including smoking of electronic and herbal cigarettes) is not permitted in the Library building or outside near external doorways.
  • No phone calls in the library. Phones should be set to silent mode in the Library and cannot be used in the red Silent Zones.
  • Library users are asked to treat other users with consideration.
  • No material other than official notices from the Library or the University may be distributed or posted within the Library, without the permission of the appropriate Library staff.
  • Library furniture, fittings or equipment must not be misused or their arrangement altered.
  • Library users should not attempt to reserve study spaces by leaving personal belongings at desks when they have left the building. Belongings may be cleared to allow others to use study places.
  • Note that any unattended belongings are left at the owner's risk and users are strongly advised not to leave valuables even if they will be away from the desk for a short time.
  • Study space and group study room bookings take precedence over casual use of space and rooms. A user who has booked a study space or room can expect any other user occupying it, at the reserve time, to vacate it.
  • Library users may be asked to present their bag for inspection by Library staff, as well as any books or folders they are carrying.
  • Any damage, dog ear or defacement of Library materials is strictly prohibited and users found damaging material will be subject to disciplinary procedures. Library users are asked to report any instances of such defacement to Library staff.
  • Do not attempt to reshelf books taken from the shelf.
  • Taking photographs is not permitted unless permission is sought - via Security staff in the first instance. 
  • Students may not download or install any software on any of the computers. Downloads will be deleted without recourse to student(s).
  • Users should not tamper with any computer setting. If you have problems with the computer facilities, please inform Library staff

 Loan Facilities and terms of borrowing

Current members of GCUC and certain categories of external users may borrow from the Library. 

Details of borrowing privileges are as follows:

  • Students will be required to have a library card/ student ID to enable them borrow.
  • Students can borrow One (1) book at a time for 2 weeks and can renew for another two weeks if no one request for the said book.
  • Faculty can borrow Two (2) books for four weeks. However, a book can be recalled after Two (2) weeks when the circumstance at the library requires for it
  • Loans may normally be renewed if the book is not required by the Library for another user. Special rules may apply for items in high-use categories
  • Borrowing from the Course Collection is restricted to staff and registered students of GCUC. External users may have access to the Course Collection for reference use during vacation at the discretion of Library staff.
  • Course Collection books may not be removed from the Collection unless issued on loan.
  • A current Student’s ID card is required whenever borrowing items.
  • Library materials on loan to one person may not be transferred to another. The person in whose name the loan is made is solely responsible for the safekeeping and due return of items loaned.
  • All Library materials borrowed must be returned within the stipulated loan period. Failure to do so will result in application of appropriate sanctions.
  • Items on loan may be recalled at any time if required for the use of another user. Failure to return recalled books on time will result in application of appropriate sanctions.
  • Sanctions to be applied for the late return of borrowed or recalled material will be determined from time to time by the Library's management.
  • Late return of materials borrowed, or failure to comply with sanctions, may result in suspension of borrowing privileges and access, in the case of external user categories.
  • Books borrowed should not be left behind on reading table if not returned.

Where an item is lost or stolen, returned damaged, or not returned after a reasonable period of time, the borrower will be charged for the item at a level to be determined by the Library's management. An item charged for in this way remains the property of the Library.

  • No book or other Library property may be taken from the building at any time without authority.

Library users allocated a book locker may keep in it Library materials recorded as on loan to them. Checks of the lockers will be carried out, from time to time, by Library staff and any non-issued Library materials found will be removed. In such circumstances the individual concerned will automatically lose the right to use the

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