The Garden City Business School was established in January 2004 with the inception of Garden City University College. The School has since established itself as a thriving intellectual community, providing a welcoming environment for rigorous academic studies.

Academic Programmes                                                                                                                   

Academic programmes in the Faculty continued to be organized under three academic Departments as follows: 

  • Department of Accounting, Banking and Finance:
    • Accounting with Computing.
    • Bachelor of Business Administration (With specialization in two (2) areas: Accounting and Banking & Finance.
  • Department of Managerial Sciences:
    • Bachelor of Business Administration (With specialization in three (3) areas: Human Resource Management, Management, and Marketing).
  • Department of Economics and Statistics
    • Economics and Statistics
    • Economics

Course outlines for teaching and the entire semester examination process are usual subjected to moderation and approval by KNUST. The curriculum is approved by KNUST as well as by the National Accreditation Board.

The School runs academic programmes for weekday and week-end streams. The Weekend Stream is popular and is especially packaged for working people, attracting a variety of professionals including bankers, insurance executives, administrators, teachers, police officers/security officers, businessmen and self-employed entrepreneurs.

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