Mrs. Akosua K. K. Asamoah

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for the welfare of junior members of the University College in relation to academic, residential and social matters. The Office provides services such as issuing of letters of introduction at the request of students to diplomatic missions and other institutions in Ghana.  The Office of the DOS also helps resolve students’ complaints on various cases such as assault, theft, rape and fraud. It liaises with students’ alumina to track the performance of past students. It also sees to the maintenance of hostels and welfare measures for the students residing in the University College‘s hostels.

Students’ participation in terms of using services from the Office of the Dean was minimal as most of them were not familiar with the concept.  However, with the help of Heads of Schools and Departments, students began to recognize the Office of the Dean and the services it provides for the students. Heads of Schools and Departments referred students who needed counseling to the Office of the Dean to be counseled. Students also channeled their grievances through the Office of the Dean for mediation and redress.

International Students

The Office of the Dean of Students provides introductory letters to students to help obtain resident permits. It also liaises with the Ghana Immigration Services for students to fill their resident permit forms on campus which are sent in bulk to help students with their resident permit acquisition. This makes their stay on GCUC campus enjoyable and stress free.  The Ghana Immigration Service has introduced non-citizen ID for international students, the Office, therefore encourages students to register with FIMS.  Most students of GCUC have non-citizen identity cards.

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